Cycling on Gran Canaria

What does it need to achieve a personal best on a major Strava segment?

Youth, more training time, not too many attempts before, dope.... ?

What if you have neither?

It's about doing things smart.
Today i rode up Pico de las Nieves from the south side of GranCanaria once more. It is a solid climb of about 45km from sea level to the summit at 1950m.

Conditions for me were superb and motivation high, though legs weren't too fresh due to lots of climbing and some partytime in the last days. So keeping an eye at powermeter numbers from my Garmin Vectors at the beginning up to San Bartolome was essential.

Things developed much better than expected, so i began to visualize race situations. The second part then made all the difference. Shaving off 7% of my former PB makes me believe that i have still some quality sessions to deliver.

Now as i post this, the waves of the atlantic hit the Meloneras coast hard... showing us vulnerable humans what real power is like. This, for me, is heaven!

"Hey Paulie, that beast is gone now. The beast is out." (Rocky Balboa)